24 May 2019 
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 What path should I use for my scripts?
 Our servers all have exactly the same format for the path you should use in any scripts that use it.   If your domain is mydomain.com then you should use the following path:   c:\\domains\\myd
 What are the default pages?
 A default page is one that our web server will show when a site visitor goes to just the directory. For example, going to www.xhosttellnet.co.uk is the same as going to www.xhosttellnet.co.uk/index.asp This is often called the startup, default or ind
 Why can I only see a page saying 'This site is registered for a xhosttellnet customer'?
 We install a default page on all of our customers accounts. You need to remove this page, or over-write it when you upload your site. It is named _holding.asp
 Where is my CGI Bin?
 Your CGI-BIN is in /wwwroot/cgibin   You can place CGI (Perl) scripts outside of your cgi-bin because of the software that we use, but many people prefer to keep them inside the cgi-bin to keep their files better organise
 Do you offer FrontPage support?
 We do not offer support for Frontpage 2000 components. This is due to security and accessibility issues. If you designed your site in Frontpage, this does not mean that you cannot host the site with xhosttellnet. Frontpage Extensions purely allows you to
 How do I redirect, divert or alias my domain name?
 We offer an aliasing service for all of our customers as an optional extra. This service is very simple, but useful for customers who have more than one domain that they want to point to their web site.   An aliased domai
 Do you support password protected folders?
 No. We cannot support password protected folders at the moment because the control panel we use, Helm, does not yet support them. We are working hard with the programmers at Helm to see that this is supported as soon as possible. If you want to be th
 Can I use custom 404 and other error pages?
 Yes. A custom 404 page is the page that your visitors will see if they type in the address of a page that doesn't exist. For example, if your page was called:   http://www.m
 How do I set files/folder permissions?
 It is not necessary, or possible to change files/folder permissions. We have all of our web servers set up in the same way for files/folder permissions. All necessary permissions are available to customers for use on their web site, no changes are ne
 How can I check my site before changing the DNS servers?
 There is a way for Windows users to check their website is working before changing the DNS servers over. This process is quite complicated, but is detailed below.   This process may not work if you use a proxy or firewall
 How do I enable directory browsing?
 Directory browsing is an option on your website. This means instead of getting an error page if there is no default pages (eg index.html - see knowledgebase article for a full list) then you will be able to browse all the files in this directory. Thi
 Step-by-Step Guide to local web-site development on Windows XP/2000
 Developing a website against a live server isn't a good idea.  You could break something, meaning that visitors to the site while you are making changes would see error messages.  In the extreme case you could do something to achieve a nega
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