24 May 2019 
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 How do I access my control panel?
 You can access your control panel from http://control.xhosttellnet.co.uk The username will be in the form FNxxx (where xxx is a comination of letters and numbers)
 What can I use my control panel for?
 Your control panel has many uses. You can do the following tasks in your control panel:- Create FTP accounts- Create DSN connections to databases- View your disk usage- Set up mail accounts- Crea
 What are the different levels in the control panel demo?
 In the control panel demo, there are three different levels of administration.   Admin This is the level that we see as the administrator. You will not see it as an end user.  
 How do I add an optional extra?
 There are many optional extras available on our hosting packages. Adding an extra is easy, and the same process applies to add any optional extra. To add an optional extra, follow these instructions:    
 My password doesn't seem to get saved?
 When you edit your password for email, FTP or any other service from the Helm control panel, you may think that your password hasn't been set when you click on 'Save' because it is a different length to the one
 How do I move my site to a different server?
 Some advanced users may want to move their site to a different server for a number of reasons. The way that our hosting system works, is that we distribute web sites to different servers depending on load. This means the server with the lowest load w
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